No place like this

As a submissive male, the slave ring is the ultimate social network to challenge subs. There is no place like it online and no other Femdom Goddess as intelligent and beautiful as Goddess Saffron. She has created this genious home for slaves which is one of it’s kind online. This website should be nominated for an XBiz award.


Feeling of Euphoria

I am close to completing the final lesson and task withing the slave training course and i must say that i have a euphoric feeling of purpose and a sense that i belong. It’s mind blowing to think that i may soon have the opportunity to be one of Goddess Saffron’s numbered slaves and i have the opportunity to serve the most beautiful woman on earth. i highly recommend the class, it has changed my life. Thank You Goddess Saffron!


First Impressions

i am very impressed by Goddess’ interactive community. This is precisely the type of thing i was looking for, an incomparable Goddess, and the ability to learn from Her in an interactive way. She is far Superior to anyone i have ever met. i consider myself fortunate to serve Her.


Safe and Secure

Sadly, I ran away without completing my training. However, Goddess Saffron had implanted Her triggers and teaching deep in my unconscious and She won. I am now chastened and so glad to return to the safety and security of this wonderful Slave Ring. It really is my true home and its where I belong. Next week I intend to start at Level 1 all over again but this time make sure I learn all the prayers and teachings of Goddess committing them deep into my memory. Goddess Saffron did not punish me, at least yet, but welcomed me back home. I don’t recommend running away to anyone, but I think when a runner returns he can become a much better and high performing slave for Goddess, as its a cold place outside the ring. It is a great feeling being owned again, being objectified and having such a wonderful goal in life which is to please Goddess in all things seeking nothing in return as the joy of serving my Goddess far surpasses anything else. The reward is in the serving. So Lesson 1, here I come again!!!


Slave school and ring are both great ideas

Greetings all,
i think this site looks really awesome and promising. Specially for people like me who are too shy to actually contact some professional Dominatrix in real life or even online. I recently started slave school, just to try, but i already feel like i might actually fall for Goddess, she knows how to make you hers. Both sites are well done and include great ideas.


One tiny step – One giant leap

I always desired to be completely femdommed. That desire has reached fruition as I joined Goddess Saffron’s Slave Ring, purely out of curiosity. Instantly, I knew this tiny step was in fact a giant life changing decision. I am still new and very green, but already realise that there will be no going back for me but ever growing deeper in servitude to my Goddess. I know there is no going back, as any hesitation on my part is more than countered and defeated instantly by attending to one of the many motivational clips offered by our Goddess. That tiny first step is irrevocable as there will be no going back – in fact the best way to avoid going back is to improve my servitude on a daily basis. Thank You dear Goddess for creating this beautiful home for me



Caught in the Net

How thorough and insistent is Goddess! Never has it seen a site like slavering! Everything is there: competition, fellow slaves, tasks, demands, rewards so carefully calculated that it is becoming slowly but relentlessly lost in the net of Goddess’s Power and Dominion. After less than a week it sees that there will be no escape. it is caught and does not foresee release. It will be a hard struggle in the midst of the old free day-to-day life, but its mental and erotic shackles are locked 🔒.


Back on track.

I am thrilled and happy to be back on track with otherworldy divine Goddess. I thought i could run away, but now i am weaker and more certain than ever that i belong 100% to Goddess. I want to be completely owned and controlled by Her. Be Her puppetslave forever. Thats all i live for from now on.


On being Diminished

Slave 275 is proud to have achieved the rank of Diminished today. The inscription describes slaves that have attained this rank : “Their ego and fear of losing control is now diminished.” Yes, indeed, that is exactly this slave’s situation. It feels so great to have its male ego down to half….and it now wants less and less masculinity. Fear of losing control completely to Goddess is almost gone mainly through the daily hypno clip and watching other Femdom clips. Thanks Goddess for removing the crap from its mind and reprogramming it only to serve You…that is its joy from now on
slave 275


Male Ego busting

I think this slave ring is a fantastic place to be. The achievements of other slaves is very highly motivating. As a new trainee slave I am already enthralled by Goddess Saffron’s power to destroy and remove my male ego. In particular I found the following clips especially powerful for reducing my male ego: 1. Strict Nylon Boss I 2. Strict Nylon Boss II 3. Red Face Slapping 4. Ass Stroke Worship and 5. Ass Worship Findom
I am purchasing these to destroy my male ego. Thanks to Goddess Saffron for creating this beautiful site.


There is no escape

I began training out of curiosity, thinking i was strong enough to resist. After Level 2, i tried to stop but the urge to come back was way too strong. I’m beginning level 6 and i am totally owned by my Goddess. Resistance is futile when faced with such power, greatness and beauty. I am yours to use forever my Goddess.


Very nice!!

The slave ring is so nice. It has really helped me grow in all sorts of ways. I am also now grade 7 viola which is all due to the ring. And videos very good, very Hi Def! It feel like home from home which is Cluj very nice place thank you!!!!😀😀😀


The only place to serve

By subtly encouraging us all to help each other become ever more deeply entangled in Her web of feminine control, Goddess Saffron’s slave ring is a devilish trap full of earthly delights from which no slave would ever want to escape.


My Praise for Goddess Saffron

My experience so far of the Salve Ring is amazing, Goddess Saffron does a wonderful job and it has made me realise what a slave boy I am. My thoughts are always for the Goddess and would recommend that everyone gives in to her.



Goddess Saffron is the answer! Since joining her Slave Ring i now have a purpose in life and wake every morning knowing that i will develop further as one of our Goddess’s many slaves. You need to join the Slave Ring and devote your life to the ultimate Goddess


Getting very addicted, very fast

I have never experienced anything as addictive my entire life. I find myself constantly wanting to login to be part of this great community of worshippers, willing and able to do Anything for our Divine Owner, Goddess Saffron.
May She rule the entire world of submissives for the rest of our life!!!


She is my only and gorgeous Goddess

In the morning when i awake, my first Thoughts are Goddess Saffron, and i shout her name, after i bought a wonderful hypnosing video ‘Shout my name’.
i always fall in trance and must do it. Thank you my Goddess for that experience, i will look at your video all times
I love you my Goddess and i am your property and obedient slave. Never found a Goddess like you
my owner and absolute ruler
Take me please and mould me



In 2012, it joined Saffron Taylor’s news letter and has been lost ever since.
Joining briefly Her website, it was sternly answered when trying to “make conversation” with Her through the members’ mail.
it realized then and there Who was this Woman, totally embodying the Essence of Being Femme and so Powerfully aware of Who She was!
The Addictiveness Her Power scared the daylights out of it. Feeling such a force, made it purposefully shy away from Her.
What a futile waste of time as once Goddess Saffron has sowed the seed of Her corruption, there is no turning back. its presence here is a testament to Her Power and Addiction. it submits it’s appreciation for Her Creative Power in masterfully deploying Her Art in entrapping and conditioning males object to render them useful slaves in Her army. Goddess has created a virtual world which makes serving Her so real and into our every day lives.


Slave Training

After opening my first lesson and completing Goddess Saffron’s first task I was fulfilled. Worshipping her is really satisfying Patiently await my next task. If only I had found you sooner.



The slave ring is a truly interactive place. Many slaves haves gathered here under the divine rule of the supreme Goddess Saffron. Because there is so much to do it will always leave you begging for more. I especially like to way you gain badges and awards, the more you serve the higher you climb in the slave hierarchy.


My life has changed completely once i found the Slave Ring

The Slave Ring is the best social media site for slaves of all kinds, the site has completely changed my life for the better. i have found a purpose and a place to belong. The site is helping me to be a better slave and a better person. It has allowed me to focus my life in the best way possible devoting myself to Goddess Saffron. i am greatly honored to be allowed to be a part of the amazing site. You should join the site and be a part of the amazing and beautiful Goddess Saffron’s world!


There can be only One

Even if I am still worthless and under training to become worthy of calling myself a slave of The Divine Goddess Saffron, I must admit I have been swept away by this amazing place to interact with other slaves and most importantly of all to worship our Goddess. The Slave Ring is not only very innovative but also the best place to focus on what is really important here in life – Goddess Saffron. Indeed this is truly a shrine worthy of Her Perfection!


Best thing since Femdom

Thank You, thank You for creating such a wonderful place for Your lowly weak males slaves to dwell whilst serving You my Goddess.  my live is now enriched with an abundance of challenges to serve You and keep you pleased for eternity.


Genius site for submissive males

Amazing interactive enslavement for submissive males.  My longing to serve such a supreme Goddess has been fulfilled not only when I first laid eyes on Goddess Saffron, but also on the day I joined the slave ring.  There is no other site to compare to Goddess’ innovation and genius. Thank you my Goddess.


The Future of Enslavement

Having mustered up the courage to join the slave ring, it is a decsicion that I will never regret and should have done the moment goddess created the site.  Goddess has set many challenges for us weak slaves and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Her for inventing such a new and refreshing way for slaves to serve, interact and aim for. Also for the great slave community with other like minded submissive males who I now realise I have so much in common with.  I particularly like the badging system, slave coin currency, ranking system and the new slave priviledges such as the Temple and masturbation schedule – all amazing inventions by our supreme owner – the one and only Goddess Saffron.


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