How it works

Welcome to my Slave Ring.  I know that your inner slave aches to be set free to serve a real Goddess like Myself.   Your inner calling can be fulfilled by joining my army of slaves within the slave ring.  Know that the slave ring offers the first of its kind in interactive serving, motivation and accomplishments.

slave ring

“As  Strava is to Athletes and Pokemon Go is to Gamers… The Slave Ring is to Slaves!”.

Understand that the slave ring is my interactive carrot dangling Empire for submissive males, coaxing them one by one into my web of control.  As you undergo the increasing challenges and accomplishments you will strive more and more to serve and please Me.  You will fulfil personal targets and achieve goals. 

But you are not on your own… because the slave ring houses many like-minded weak submissive men who interact, serve and even compete.  The social aspect of the slave ring includes live activity streams, private messaging, discussion boards and slave groups.  Be aware that the Slave Ring is not only a slave community, but is also an addictive interactive work house for slaves to serve and achieve. 

The serving aspect of the slave ring includes a plethora of accomplishments, tasks, awards, contests and unlockable interactivity.  Oh I have so much in store for you my pet!  I know just reading my words makes you eager to register and offer your weak self to me, but first I want you to continue reading and learn how the slave ring works.


Serve and Achieve

Now make yourself familiar with the following, because these will be the driving forces of your enslavement:

    • Slave Points – the core of your servitude.  Earn points for community interactions, tributing, buying clips, gifts, undertaking tasks, awards, missions, contests.
    • Male Ego – with every act of servitude, your male ego will be reduced. Your aim is to achieve 0% ego.  Low male ego gives access to restricted areas such as the Temple.
    • Ranks and Hierarchy – increase slave rank with every act of servitude and interaction.  Climb the hierachy ladder.
    • Slave Coins – the currency of the slave ring, earned from tributes, redeem coins to get daily tasks and unlock features.
    • Badges – earn badges from tributing, buying gifts, clips, undergoing tasks and community interactions.
    • Awards – Earn awards by collecting badges, graduating from the slave school, or applying as a numbered slave.
    • Missions – accomplish challenging slave missions by completing lists of tasks.
    • Slave Contests – be a contender in the weekly and monthly slave contests to win awards and slave points.
    • Slave Referral – slaves who refer new slaves get rewarded with points and benefits.
    • Slave Privileges – Increased servitude unlocks restricted areas of the slave ring such as the masturbation schedule, the Temple, daily hypno, daily task, grade A slaves area and slave confessions.
    • The Rules – ensure you read and follow the rules of the slave ring.
    • Slave Punishments – assigned at the discretion ofGoddess for disobeying the rules.



As a slave within my slave ring you will be granted your own profile and achievements page, where you can see at quick glance all your accomplishments from badges, awards, slave points, missions undertaken, slave rank, male ego gauge etc.

Groups are community areas for slaves.  Each group contains its own members, activity stream, forum where like-minded slaves can interact and create discussions among themselves.  By default every new member is a part of the Slave Ringers group.  Private groups are accessed only by passwords given when you qualify for membership.

Are you ready to become yet another cog in my machine?  Another drop in my ocean?  Another soldier in my slave army?

Make Me proud my pet.  Be the best performer.  Serve to your heart’s content.

Goddess Saffron


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